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Mission Statement

To help people, especially seniors, maximize the efficiency and comfort of their homes;
so that they can lead simpler, more balanced lives.

'Organize Your Treasures' expresses:


Your property- your decisions

Value of your property as treasures

I wanted a name that would convey how I feel about people & their property. I feel that everything a person owns is a treasure just because they own it. Each possession is precious through its connection to its owner's life. The challenge in organizing is learning to balance our limited space & time with the host of treasures that reside within them...

About Sam

I love to organize & I love helping people. I'm really satisfied when I help someone find their way to help themselves & I look forward to seeing any client of mine get to that point.
A native Baltimorean, I learned to love to help people from my loving parents & family. As a child I derived satisfaction from putting things exactly where they were supposed to go, especially if it was aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Growing older I learned the balance & how imperfection is its own perfection. I worked for a few years in retail & found satisfaction in organizing displays & setting up systems to help customers find things more easily. After searching fruitlessly for a job that would fit my personality & feed a family, my mother mentioned Professional Organizing. What could be better? Helping people, organizing & feeding a family! I hope you give me the chance to work with you!

Sincerely, Sam (Shmuel) Edelman


Questions? Comments? Please feel free to reach out to me using the information provided. I look forward to hearing from you:-)

(443) 224-3193

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Monday - Thursday and Sunday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
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Baltimore, Maryland

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