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How will I benefit from hiring a Professional Organizer?

  1. A Professional Organizer will offer guidance & propose systems that will help you organize & maintain whatever room (or house!) you want to work on.
  2. Perhaps the most important job of a Professional Organizer is to support you through the emotional process of sorting & evaluating your possessions.
  3. Besides this, through the organizing process you may find things you've forgotten you've owned, or think you need to buy & may even find receipts you can take off for tax deductions.

I don't feel comfortable allowing strangers into my inner sanctum. Is there any other way for me
to get help organizing my home?

Although Professional Organizers are known for remaining non-judgmental, it's perfectly understandable to be wary of letting any stranger into the privacy of your home. Please check out the Resources page, where I provide links to support groups, blogs & even online Professional Organizing coaching! If you are feeling up to it, hiring a Professional Organizer to work with you hands-on would definitely be more beneficial. If you are thinking of hiring, please read on!

Should I clean up my home before my appointment?

No! The whole reason you are hiring a Professional Organizer is to get help implementing lasting systems of organization & support in the organization process itself. This means that the Professional Organizer will expect & even look forward to a mess! More than that, the best way the Professional Organizer can offer a professional assessment is to see how your home normally looks & see what challenges his/her systems need to overcome.


Should I buy any organizing products before we start?

No. A Professional Organizer's objective is to make full use of assets you already own in the implementation of any new organizational systems. Only once your assets have been determined to be functioning to their fullest will the Professional Organizer suggest further purchase- if necessary.

Are you going to make me throw anything away?

No. All decisions will be made by you. I will be there for guidance & support. I am human, however, & look forward to making mistakes with you.

What else can I expect in working with you?

We'll go through any area you wish to; whether it's your whole home, your office, or even just a closet, & evaluate your assets. As a general rule, whatever you value the most will be our top priority to find a use for or just to display. Whatever you least value I will suggest donating or tossing.

What about organizing paper?

Papers are a different category entirely. Usually, they take the longest; because, each paper is its own decision...
As a general rule, I'll need to work with you for at least the first session to see what your preferences are in regards to how you categorize things & what papers are important to you. After that, I can work alone- if you wish, & make a separate pile for any further questions.

What kind of education did you get in Professional Organization?

I took Professional Organizing courses & read several books on organizing. I continue to improve my organizing education, as there are new theories, systems & processes introduced every year.


Are you insured?

My insurance expired 9/28/17. It can be renewed & backdated upon request or service.